I KNOW WHAT TO DO: WHEN I AM NERVOUS is a book that teaches school-aged children coping skills when faced with anxiety while completing a task or assignment. 

The emphasis of this book is to teach school age children simple and proven mindfulness techniques to overcome fear and anxiety. 

The book also includes a parent / teacher information section that informs them about techniques used in this book to assist school aged children who are experiencing fear and anxiety. 

I KNOW WHAT TO DO: WHEN I AM NERVOUS is the first book in the I KNOW WHAT TO DO series

Now Available in Paperback, Hard Cover and Ebook.

Dr. Kewana Davis is a licensed professional counselor, LPC-S Supervisor.  She received her doctorate in Educational Counseling.  She is EMDR trained and specializes in working with children and their parents. 



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Now Available in Hard Cover.